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Walking mile after mile through India’s once glorious jungles; what must have been Jim Corbett and Kenneth Anderson thinking? A lot of it can be felt by reading their stories that effortlessly transport the reader right to the centre of action. Their adventures, that still thrill us to bits, took place what seems like eons ago.

Neither do we have those vast unadulterated stretches of wilderness anymore nor do we have jungles teeming with game. Nonetheless, this is the reality and to soak into whatever is left; souls like Debashish run towards the same jungle trails on which Corbett and Anderson once walked.

Of course, the experience now is very different. Facing them would be pristine jungles without barriers. Facing him are long reservation queues, human encroachment and a long line of loud vehicles before he can even hope to spot and experience the thrill of being in the company of wild animals. People who love jungles and the denizens who live in them, grieve at the continuous destruction of nature’s most precious gift to us. And so Debashish tries to capture the moments that remind him that he is luckier than the generations to come! They are most likely to have only photographs and videos to look at and wonder why their ancestors failed to protect and conserve nature’s bounty that we were so blessed with!

Armed with memories of Corbett and Anderson’s legendary stories, deep love for the wilderness and his equipment; Debashish heads out to make the most of the moments that remain not only in his life but also in the lives of the species that still inhabit Earth in ever reducing spaces. As the city limits are left behind and nature takes over; his heart starts to swell with joy as his trained eyes are suddenly able to spot that bird, animal and reptile that he would never in the city!

Otherwise, like most of us, Debashish is relegated to life in the city and career of a senior banker. Over 18 years of corporate career; Debashish has worked with global banks like HSBC, ABN AMRO, Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Suisse. He manages to pull along by working on his photos and pursuing his other passion called music. Debashish is happily married to Arpita, a Life Coach and Businesswoman.

Previously, Debashish has held exhibitions at Mumbai – Art for Artists at the Prince of Wales Museum and within the ambit of Art Walk – an art focused property of the global IHG hotels group.

From Dawn to Dusk is an attempt at preserving precious natural history moments on fine canvas framed with beautiful artistic frames.

Each frame represents an original natural history moment captured in Indian and African wilderness. India is the only country in the world which was blessed with all the big cats – the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Lion, the Indian Cheetah and the Leopard. Alas! The Cheetah is long gone and the Asiatic Lion has been relegated to one corner of the sub – continent. As a passionate student of natural history; I am in a race against time – the race to capture as many unforgettable natural history scenes as I can with as much finesse as my abilities afford me.

It would be a great disservice to mother Earth; if these moments were captured and then left hidden in the dark chambers of a machine. Instead, I decided to print and share them with the world. Let the world see the beautiful natural places the denizens of the forest live in; blending harmoniously with their surroundings. Without any belongings, without malice, without prejudice they live their lives with balance humans can only dream of achieving. That is why their homes are naturally rich and blessed. Their societies are bereft of pollution and corruption because they only consume as much as they really want. Not a morsel more. And not a morsel is wasted. For them conservation is a daily devotional – nothing fancy.

Through these beautifully hand-crafted frames; I am hoping to deliver such and more messages to the connoisseurs of natural history. May their imagination take flight and may their heart swell with the desire to become one with those who live under the endless sky with endless joy.

From Dawn to Dusk celebrates natural history. It also calls for the complete and unequivocal preservation of things that make this planet such a joy to live in. Imagine how lonely will we feel if we have no company other than of humans! These Collector’s Edition frames will bring life to your living and working spaces. They will make for very worthy gifts for those who prefer the natural to the artificial.